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When you look at Singapore from a tall tower to the opposite in our country will look Batam and Bintan are sparkling with its own nuances. Within not less than one hour by ferry from Singapore, Batam and Bintan in fact, always promising a different environment even for Singaporeans. Batam and Bintan are two of over 2,400 islands in the Riau archipelago, from Sumatra and then coiled in the northeast to Anambas in the South China Sea.

Today the island of Batam is the third busiest entry point in Indonesia after Bali and Jakarta. Although Batam, Bintan and Karimun islands is an area of ​​free trade but in fact there are still many empty areas and islands large and small unspoiled around and can give you a different experience.

Situated near Singapore, Batam have favorite resort for tourists who wish to get closer to nature, relax for a short vacation playing golf, cycling, enjoy the culinary seafood, taste traditional spa, shopping or just walking around with the family.

Currently, Batam has been more solid feel of the city where the business in conjunction with a variety of entertainment services. With no more six ferry terminals, major roads across the island, the international airport and a series of industrial, hotel and luxury housing, in fact Batam still promises an exciting weekend getaway. Including a delicious culinary offerings, a luxury golf, shopping or visiting a remote island ideal for trekking, diving, snorkeling and fishing.

Batam has six golf courses, a number of large hotels best for business in Nagoya city, beach resorts, spas in Nongsa and shopping areas. Nongsa Point Marina Batam has a yacht service facilities, sailing and diving facilities for those who wish to venture too-island in Riau.

Batam Island itself is connected by six large modern bridge known as the bridge Barelang connected with Rempang and Galang in southern Batam. In Galang still leaves the remainder of the Vietnamese Refugee Camp during the Indochina War II 1970.

On the Beach in Pulau Sugi Telunas there are resorts that offer an amazing experience to live on a desert island, listening to the song of nature, away from the noise of the city. Rooms here are built facing the sea elevated green. Exploring the woods, enjoying the beauty of the white sand beach and back home with excitement.

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Processed foods fresh seafood at an affordable price is an attraction in Batam. Food options here range from daru seafood, fast food, local cuisine, the cuisine of other countries, including vegetarian restaurant. Feel free to choose according to taste. Top restaurants, especially international restaurants, usually terleak in hotels.

In Nongsa You can enjoy a meal at the “Kelong” pangung restaurant is built on the sea. Nagoya visitors can mingle with the local people at the night market or in Pujasera Nagoya food center to hunt for traditional Indonesian food. At Harbour Bay you can enjoy favorite foods in the open right in front of the sea.

The food here including the popular chilli crab, king prawn, steamed or grilled fish and snails gongs unique that can only be found in the Riau Islands. This food is steamed, the meat is removed from the shell with a toothpick and dipped in “sambal”.

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There are six beautiful golf courses in Batam. Indah Puri Golf Resort is set in the green and surrounded by water, this golf course designed by renowned golf an architecture Ronald Fream. Each of the 18 holes on this course varies with each character. Palm Spring Golf and Beach Resort is the most popular golf courses in Batam with three nine-hole layout types. Batam Hills Golf Resort has 18 holes, golf course designed by Pro Max Wexler. This field is part of the Waterfront City in which consists of a housing, a marina club, pitch a tent and a cable car. Meetinghouse has a picnic area and berbecue, karaoke, sauna, squash, tennis courts, forest, jogging treks and pool. Other facilities on the island include Southlinks Country Club and Tering Bay Golf & Country Club.

Witnessing Filsabillah Barelang bridge is a must for every visitor to this island. The icon and pride of Batam, especially the first bridge is beautifully designed and constructed entirely by Indonesian engineers, connecting Batam with the island of Tonton Nipah. The width of the bridge is 38 meters high and 642 meters long. There are 6 bridge connecting Batam and Galang Rempang that provide a sense as if the islands Barelang is a great island.

When you proceed to Galang island, here you will find the Vietnamese Refugee Camp. Here there is a memorial wall dedicated to Ngah Trang boat people from Vietnam, and Galang Museum.

Another Batam feature is the Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya, one of the largest Buddhist temple in Southeast Asia which draws thousands of devotees and visitors daily.

Padepokan Art is art craft center in Sekupang you can see arts and crafts from all over Indonesia, as well as various kinds of performances are staged every day. Art village, is the village built to maintain, preserve and develop the culture in Batam and to organize a cultural institute where various shows and method.

If you want to shop go to Nagoya, the commercial center of Batam. Here there are shops, restaurants, hotels, spas, discos, karaoke, a small cinema, music lounges, shopping centers and plazas. Mall shopping is more prevalent in Nagoya, Waterfront City and Batam Centre. The most popular mall in Batam is DC Mall, Lucky Plaza, Center Point, Batam Centre Mall, Robinson & Ramayana and Mega Mall.



In nagoya, there are shops, hotels, spas, discos, karaoke, a small cinema, music lounges and shopping centers. Lucky Plaza and Square Houses, shops and boutiques selling handicrafts Indonesia and branded goods. Nagoya is the light of evening entertainment in Batam.

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The easiest way to stroll around Batam is to use a taxi or rental car from the hotel where you stay, or use a travel agent who will organize your trip in Batam. The public bus is rare in Batam.


By ferry:
There is a ferry that connects the port of Tanah Merah in Singapore with Batam as well as between Johor Baru, Malaysia and Batam each day. The journey from Singapore to Batam approximately 45 minutes.

Batam Island has six ferry terminals, namely in Sekupang, Waterfront City, Batam Center, Harbour Bay, Nongsapura and Lake Punggur.

Batam accept the arrival of the ferry from Singapore and Johor. Ferry heading Harbour Bay carry passengers wishing to visit Nagoya, the business center in Batam, while the terminals at Waterfront City and Nongso cater to tourists who want to visit the resort. Sekupang ferry crossing at the airport only between Batam, Sumatra and the island of Karimun. While Lake Punggur airport crossings between Batam and Tanjung Pinang on Bintan island.

Providing fast and slow ferry crossings between Singapore and Batam Island. Click here for Batam Island – Singapore ferric schedule, while the Diamond Ferry offers a large departure every day to Harbour Bay, formerly known as Batu Ampar. For information please contact the counter Harbour Bay at +62 741 5100, or +65 6272 0501 to counter Singapore.

For departures and arrivals please check:

By plane:
Batam’s Hang Nadim International Airport is located in the south of the island, receives domestic flights from Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, Pekanbaru, Jambi, Palembang and Bandung.

Airlines towards Batam is: Garuda Indonesia, Merpati Nusantara, Mandala, Lion Air, Indonesia Air Asia, Batavia Air and Sriwijaya Air.

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If you like shopping, you should visit the shopping complex at Nagoya Super Block in Batam, Kepulauan Riau province. Mall offers products in several modern shopping centers. In a pedestrian area, there are 450 kiosks and 170 shops with a Hypermarket on Nagoya Hill. Nagoya area is located on Jalan Sudirman and Yos Sudarso, youth sub-district, Batam, Indonesia.



Batam City Square is a shopping center located at Jalan Bunga Raya. This shopping center is not only crowded with people around, but also much visited by foreign tourists. This 6-storey buildings offering shopping, recreation and pleasure in one place so do not be surprised if this place was flooded with visitors every day. When you bring your vehicle, do not need to worry because the parking Batam City Square can accommodate more than 1,000 cars.



Barelang bridge is a building that has become an icon of Batam. The bridge connects many of the island at once with a view to advancing the industry. Barelang very famous bridge to the extent that in mind first when mentioning the word “Batam” is a bridge Barelang. The bridge is also often referred to as a bridge Habibie since he is planning the construction of this bridge in 1992.



Kampung Vietnam, located on Galang Island is uninhabited region that in ancient times the residence of Vietnamese refugees. Vietnamese refugees, often referred to as boat people fled to the island of Galang due to internal conflict in Vietnam. Why is uninhabited region? The Indonesian government to allow them to stay in Kampung Vietnam gradually repatriate them to their hometown so that now there is no more refugees in the region. Although empty, Kampung Vietnam is still a tourist spot in Batam interesting place to visit because of the condition is still the same as of yore, complete with a variety of legacy.



Ocarina Park is Ancol its Batam. Opened in 2008, this area includes new, but has become one of the tourist attractions in Batam which must be visited. Occupying an area of approximately 40 hectares, Ocarina Park offers rides are suitable for children and adults. In addition to the play area, Ocarina Park is also often used as a place of major events such as music concerts. The admission price Ocarina Park is 5,000 Rupiah per person, not including the price of games to play in.



Pantai Melayu is the beach ideal for picnics because many trees so that the atmosphere was completely calm. Because the waves are calm, Turkish Malay is very safe and suitable for swimming. In this beach you can play banana boat, namely banana-shaped boat up the game in a gang at a cost of 25,000 rupiah per person. To enter the Malay Coast neighborhood, you have to pay for tickets costing 5,000 rupees.

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