What’s in a name

Asher (Asyer) is one of the sons of Jacob, the name Asher is our tribute to Asyer that provide meals to the kings of his time.

Genesis 49:20 “Asyer, his food will be abundant luxury and he will give fine dining kings”

Event at Asher Bistro & Lounge :

* Private candle light dinner at 12th floor

* Candle light dinner at 11th floor (outside & inside)

* Birthday Party

* Arisan Cantik

We are open start from 05pm – 11pm for bistro concept and 11pm – 01am for lounge concept everyday.


Putri Lounge – 6th Floor offers a range of cocktails, mocktails, juices and coffee are fit to accompany your casual atmosphere with family, friends and business partners.

The location is right in the front lobby areas to give music a friendly treats are able to create your best moments.

Enjoy a variety of snacks and quality wines are ready to pamper you.


Enjoy the special dish of the day at Malabar coffee shop Horison Ultima King’s Batam.

Presents a variety of Indonesian & Asian cuisine.

A fitting choice for breakfast, lunch and dinner with the people closest to you.

Located right on the sixth floor to treat the city of Batam.

Being a smart choice for those of you foodies who want to get the feel of the warm middle of the city.

Soon to come and create your best experience with us.


Choose from an extensive menu — day or night — that is ideal for time-zone-hopping travellers, impromptu meetings or for quiet, private dining